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Folkway Records Coptic Music Vinyl - 1960 

One of the oldest recorded vinyl records of Coptic Music commissioned by the Institute of Coptic Studies.  The vinyl contains recordings of well known-sections of the St Basil’s Liturgy including “Through the pleadings”, “May their holy blessings” aswell as special recordings of the Long Kyrieleyson (Lord have Mercy) and “Hosanna in the Highest” chanted on Palm Sunday

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The Ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt -Volume 2 - 1884

The second volume of Alfred Butler's journey comprises of an in depth coverage the layout, structure, vestments, furniture, rites and ceremonies of the Coptic Orthodox church. With hand drawn artistic pictures it provides a unique view of what the church looked like in the 1800s and before

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Early English Translation of Liturgy of St Mark - 1872

This is an original translation of the Coptic Orthodox Liturgy of St Mark (as know as St Cyril's Liturgy) . This liturgy was originally written by St Mark and translated to Coptic by St Cyril (24th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church).  

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Coptic Bible - 1934

This is a New Testament Bible written entirely in Bohairic Coptic. Of particular note the Bible was pressed during the papacy of Pope Yoannis (John) XIX – 113th pope of the Coptic Church.  Its front page it is a New Testament (tiziakee mbveri) bible. Servant who published the bible cheekily wrote Arabic in Coptic,  “Abna3 el Kanisa” meaning sons of the church

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Coptic Liturgy Book - 1932

This is an original Coptic/Arabic liturgy book containing liturgies of St Basil and St Gregory. The book is printed by press with text that appears heavily embossed into pages

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Coptic Deacons Book - 1960

This is a very early version Coptic Deacons service book.  Of particular note is the book appears to be different in layout to the “Khedmet Shamas” as created by Cantor Farag Abdel Messih (quite possibly a precursor to it) 

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St Archdeacon Habib Girgis (1876 -1951)

St. Archdeacon Habib Cozman Girgis was a modern-day dean of the Catechetical School of Alexandria. He dedicated his life to the seminary and its improvement.

One of his most beautiful writings is called “Mystery of Godliness” where he writes about Jesus being our "All in All"

Jesus our All in All Handout Mystery of Godliness Full PDF Arabic Bishop Suriel Book Link

Coptic Psalmody and Agpia - 1750

A window into the artistic calligraphy of Coptic writing showing our pharaonic roots. Both these books were hand drawn in 1750 

Coptic Psalmody PDF Coptic Agpia PDF